Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Besides that one week of freakishly warm above 70 degree weather, the appropriately springy weather is here. I don't have to start wearing shorts and day dresses just yet and can still get get some more use out of my booties and jackets ( yay! =] ). 

My comfort zone is definitely black and grey which leads to the majority of my closet looking like a funeral. However, the many bright trends for the spring and summer seasons are really making me step out of the box. One of my favorite trends right now is floral and I kind of went crazy at some my favorite shopping stomping grounds (Zara + H&M) to stock up on items for it. Here I am wearing one of my new purchases.

...hello fupa...

 I like this floral a lot because it's a smaller print and the colors are muted and soft which lends to a more subtle way to wear this trend

Zara floral trousers // my mom's white pocket blouse // Steve Madden booties

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