Monday, April 16, 2012

Back to Black

When all else fails, an all black outfit is my look of choice. There's just something about it that makes you look and feel somewhat done up even if it's a casual outfit. When I had to work events at my past Public Relations internships, dressing in all black was such a breeze since most of my closet looks like a funeral -_- ... Although lately I'm leaning more towards color.

Here, I'm a little dressier than usual with one of my favorite blazers (my Michael Jackson blazer... heehee).

I absolutely love the embellished shoulder details on this blazer. 

LF Stores Millau Blazer // H&M Cowl Neck Tee // J Brand Low Flare Jeans 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Besides that one week of freakishly warm above 70 degree weather, the appropriately springy weather is here. I don't have to start wearing shorts and day dresses just yet and can still get get some more use out of my booties and jackets ( yay! =] ). 

My comfort zone is definitely black and grey which leads to the majority of my closet looking like a funeral. However, the many bright trends for the spring and summer seasons are really making me step out of the box. One of my favorite trends right now is floral and I kind of went crazy at some my favorite shopping stomping grounds (Zara + H&M) to stock up on items for it. Here I am wearing one of my new purchases.

...hello fupa...

 I like this floral a lot because it's a smaller print and the colors are muted and soft which lends to a more subtle way to wear this trend

Zara floral trousers // my mom's white pocket blouse // Steve Madden booties

Monday, April 9, 2012

Neon B&W

Haven't posted in awhile, quite unacceptable. Note to self, I need to be more diligent with this. Last week my little brother had an interview for a segment on Nickelodeon! Pretty exciting, I know. Of course my sister, mom, and I all tagged along to both support and embarrass him on set. We ended up strolling around the West Village where the studios were located. Had lunch at this place called Organik (Yep, with a 'K') which was delicious. Took some pictures for the blog, and walked around some more.

 Strolling around with the fam

Aqua blazer // H&M Neon Shirt // Stylestalker leather shorts // Ash Booties // Balenciaga Bag